The exhausting chase for leads & customers? 

The desperate hustle? 

The nauseating feeling when you're running out of cash...again

Unless you create a marketing funnel that produces CASH-on-demand, you’ll NEVER experience the freedom you’re craving.
So...what if you removed the manual labor from your business for good? 


Create a system that generates on-going, liberating heaps of cash.

Outrageously easy...
Insanely systemized...

A successful marketing funnel that does the work for you

You’ve been STRUGGLING with this “funnel-thang”.

You kinda know you need one… 

All the different pieces of the puzzle – 

from freebie, to follow-up sequence, landing, sales & squeeze pages, to hooking up stripe, segmenting your list and… oh my! 

– are driving you UP THE WALL. 
Just THINKING about building a funnel turns your brain to MUSH.

It makes you want to hurt your computer… in mean ways.

And it makes you wonder…
Even if you’ve tried building a funnel before (and miserably failed) 

Even if you’re ridiculously strapped for time.

Even if your tech-incompetent brain freezes up at the thought of setting up your funnel.
We believe in baby-steps all the way – unlike other marketers who expect you to just *know* stuff, like writing copy, how to craft a compelling free offer or how to do the tech set up. In fact… 
Who's We?
For the past 10 years, Shannon has helped entrepreneurs successfully get their business online, grow their email list, turn leads into customers & increase their profits – all with the help of marketing funnels.
Hi there! I’m Shannon, Boom your Business Strategist & Chief funnel-head. 

Here’s a little story for you:

After my husband got sacked (48-hours after we got married), sh** hit the fan and my $26,000.00 teacher’s salary wasn’t enough to see us through. 

We needed to crack the marketing code FAST and let me tell you: I had to deal with the same frustrations and overwhelm you’re going through.
I had to deal with the same frustrations and overwhelm you're going through
--> I had zero selling skills

--> I was such a disaster with the computer my husband put parenting controls on it

--> When I started out, I didn't even know how to use email (#dinosaur)

--> The tech course I took in high school was typing...on an actual typewriter (#pre-dinosaur)

Let's Be Honest...
Marketing and tech were something QUITE different from teaching rowdy teenagers how to dissect a frog or avoid herpes. 

After years of trial and error, I finally built and launched my first successful marketing funnel – my business took off like someone just slammed on the gas in a Ferrari. 

Within a fraction of the time or effort I’d be applying offline, I built a 7-figure business that allows me to…

      1. Work whenever I want

     2. Make as much money as I desire

     3. Travel the world (in the next 90 days I’ll be in Maui, 
         Orlando and Thailand)

and… I’m going to show you how YOU can do the same!  

Transformed My Business...

"Shannon's technical knowledge about marketing combined with her passion and compassion for people is a rare combination. Her teaching style is enjoyable because she spices up her knowledge with real life examples and fun stories. What I’ve learned from her transformed my business."
-Mariann Tilton, Make It A Fun Life, Inc. 

Exponentially Better Results...

My first experience with Shannon's training was at a conference and she blew me away. Her training was practical and on point and helped me get exponentially better results in my business. I highly recommend her training!
-Andy Grant, Blue Navigators

Shannon's Training Made a Real Difference...

When I was making the journey from 'struggle' to 'results' in business, Shannon's training was a life-saver. It was the real nuts-and-bolts of what it takes to win in business.....and it was wrapped in an amazing personality and a real desire to see people succeed. Highly recommended!
-Tony Rush, Business Labs Pro

I'm Grateful To Be Part of Her Tribe..

I'm Grateful to Be A Part of Her Online #Tribe
Shannon Lavenia isn't just a great "marketer", but a super savvy money maker who knows how to set people up for success! She's a smart and caring business leader who takes care of her tribe #BizBoomersAcademy. I'm grateful to be part of it!
-Jen Lehner, Digital Marketing Strategist
Merel’s online launch strategy & copy have created sensational results for her clients, like nailing their first 6-figure launch & doubling their email list (from 6k to 12k) within 14 days. On top of that, she’s notorious for giving heavy hitters in the copy world “copy envy” (their words!)
Hiya! I’m Merel – Online Launch Architect & Copywriter and like Shannon my online business was born out of sheer necessity (and the desire to care for the people I love). 

9+ months pregnant with my first daughter, I sat sobbing at the kitchen table…

We were heavily in debt; my singing career wasn’t paying off (I’d made a whopping $976.00 that whole year) and I had ZERO confidence in my money-making skills – on or offline. 

Perhaps you recognize this, but one day… 

I just couldn’t take any longer what I call the life on the fence. 

So, I jumped off the fence, bit my teeth into online business like a freakin’ terrier and haven’t released it since.

  Running my online business allows me to…

1. Work part-time, while making a whole lotta dough

2. Go on spontaneous trips with my husband & girls #freedomjunky

3. Decide how much I’m worth (I give myself a pay raise every 3 months, because… I CAN!) 

 In this course, I’m showing you how to write some of the key pieces of your funnel, PLUS… 

 I’ll show you how to write copy that gets people to notice you, adore you AND buy from you. 

I’ll admit it – I get a little bit of copy envy when I see the word magic Merel can crank out on the spot.

Merel was a participant in our Copy Cure popup group on Facebook, but ended up being an honorary (and essential) mentor. Her feedback to participants was both rapid and genius. She knows how to cut right to what your prospective buyers truly want – and express it in a way that makes their heads snap, swivel, and explode with joy. (Figuratively.)

-Laura Belgray, Founder of Talking Shrimp - co-creator of the Copy Cure 

I actually teared up hearing the first draft read aloud…

Working with Merel was a dream. She really understood my business, my product AND my customers. It was like she climbed inside of my brain – saw all of my scattered thoughts and passion for my offer, laid them all out on the table and made something beautiful. I actually teared up hearing the first draft read aloud. I'm hooked and can't wait to see what my audience thinks when this page goes live! Thank you Merel – you made magic happen.

-Laura Husson, Business Momentum Strategist

I'm like "Look at my website! Read my stuff!" to basically anyone who will listen.

I am the person who tries to “give it a shot” before deciding to hire it out. I’m a recovering DIYer and my website copy was no exception. I’ve bought the courses, spent dozens of hours writing my website but I was never fully satisfied. I was never proud of the words I’d written and even though they came from me, I didn’t feel like they reflected me. I decided to suck it up and hire out my copy and after meeting with several copywriters, it was Merel who WOWed me. I left our initial call with so much hope because here was someone who totally “got me” and was able to take my vision and turn it into clear, concise messaging. Merel really walks the talk and goes above and beyond to deliver amazeballs results. Before working with Merel, I’d shy away from directing traffic to my website and now I want anyone and everyone I pass to read it. I'm like "Look at my website! Read my stuff!" to basically anyone who will listen. Hiring Merel is something I wish I had done when my business was just getting started.

-Daniel Ford, Online Marketing Strategist

During my launch, I doubled my email list from 6k to 12k and had more sales in a two-week period than I generated in the entire prior year!

Merel is incredible to work with! Truly it felt like an angel fell straight from the sky from the moment we started working together. She was invaluable to the success of my recent launch…and my sanity. I went from feeling bogged down and completely overwhelmed to feeling excited and re-energized. It felt like she was able to take the words right out of my mouth and eloquently, succinctly and persuasively convey the messages that I am passionate about sharing. She is incredibly gifted at her craft and you’ll see the results! During my launch, I doubled my email list from 6k to 12k and had more sales in a two-week period than I generated in the entire prior year! Seriously, the investment I made in hiring her was some of the best money I’ve ever spent! I’ve enjoyed working with her on so many levels…so much so that I have already hired her to write the copy for my next project’s website!

-Sarah Kamrath, documentary maker – researcher
"Funnels are too complex. I can't do it."
Unlike many well-meaning marketers that leave you guessing, I’m a trained educator.

You’ve got it! I know exactly how to deliver knowledge in a way that doesn’t make you feel dizzy, bored or left behind. 

I’ll show you what you need to do to rock your marketing funnel… AND…. 

I’ll walk you through hands-on, over-the-shoulder tutorials… AND… 

I’ll kick off the course by explaining all the new words you need to know, so you won’t end up saying:

“Yikes, someone just went funnel-lingo on me, I’m outta here!"
"I don't need a funnel."
51% of people buy online. 

If you want a substantial piece of the action, you need a funnel. If YOU don’t build one, your competition will – systematically snatching away potential customers.


Without a funnel, you have no way to capture their attention 24/7 and your shop closes as soon as you close the lid of your laptop.

The truth is, that without a funnel you’re leaving money on the table. 

A LOT of money. 

Personally, that’s not something we enjoy doing!
“I’m too busy with clients. I can outsource this stuff.”
WRONG! If you want the flexibility to jump at new opportunities, like…

1. a new product/service
2. joining forces on a venture
3. a special holiday offer

then learning how to build funnels on the fly is the best investment you can make.

AND… Outsourcing is expensive (you can easily spend a whopping $20,000 on the design & copy of a sales page)!

Our advice?

Save yourself heaps of cash + claim freedom & flexibility 
by DIY-ing funnels like a pro.
"I don't want to waste money on a course when I can learn this stuff for free"
Good luck. 

Have fun sorting through all the info out there and figuring out what's good, bad and
downright ugly. 

We’ll see you in a few months after you’ve recovered.
"Funnels are so predictable, it's icky"
We’ve all been there… you sign up for a webinar offer and then it happens:

You get hammered with email after email, offer after offer, until you want to scream... 

Dude, stop “funneling” me!

The good news?  

You’re not a pushy or salesy person. And…you don’t have to be!

YOU are the one creating the experience for the person in your funnel.

This is YOUR party, and you get to say how that goes.   

On top of that…

We’ll show you how to wield persuasive copy principles (and sell like a MOFO) without being salesy or “creepy”.
In business, every minute counts – because time is money.

Every moment you spend in confusion, doubts and overwhelm or “trying to figure it out” doesn’t translate to $$$ in your bank account, happy customers or the feeling of euphoric business success. #bizgasm.
the shortcuts that save you time, over and over again…

so you CAN have money flowing in PLUS have raving fans spread the word for you – without giving up your freedom.

Sound like a plan? Then you need the…
Enroll now and get access to the video lessons, tutorials, templates, tools and checklists you need to create your own highly-converting marketing funnel and get more leads & sales and SKYROCKET your profits!
Booming Business Funnel is structured in digestible, step-by-step video lessons & tutorials uploaded in a virtual classroom .

You’ll receive a new module every Monday (for the next 7 weeks) – delivered in your inbox .

We’ve created a ZERO-overwhelm, “learn at your own pace” environment, providing you with ample handholding so even you can learn how to create unlimited marketing funnels that create money ‘round the clock.

Download & view all material whenever you want - on whatever device you choose!
  •   7 value-stacked modules to create, launch, and boom your marketing funnel. 
  •  Over-the-shoulder tutorials
  •  Tools and resources list
  •  Mp4 Downloads
  •  Action Guides
  •  Checklists
  •   An invite to our private SLACK group - for ongoing support. 
  •  Access to our team - get expert help whenever you need it. 
  •  PRIORITY: our support staff will roll out the red carpet and prioritize your requests for assistance. 
  •  Live + interactive implementation calls - ask away, Ray!
You know the drill… people can throw million-dollar info at you, but as long as you don’t take action, it’s just going stale in the back corner of your brain. 

I'll show you exactly what habits I use to turn knowledge into tantalizing results. 

PLUS… I’ll also show you HOW funnels can boom your business success, as well as my personal favorite platforms and tools (so you don’t have to go down that rabbit hole).
Here's What You'll Get
  •  Getting the Most from the Course – a step-by-step on how to maximize the learning experience – so you’ll end up with a well constructed funnel that’ll boom your business
  • How to Master Anything – do you have a record of abandoned courses? Are they staring at you reproachfully from your desktop? Join the club! I’ll show you how to avoid turning into a runaway again by applying these 3 psychological hacks
  •  All About Marketing Funnels – get total clarity on the terminology + pieces that together form a high converting funnel!
  •  Understanding Funnels Part 1: The Structure – understand the building blocks + expect facepalm moments as you move from clueless to insider within minutes)
  • Understanding Funnels Part 2: Traffic – the lowdown on what’s available to you when you nail your funnel and get eyeballs galore
  •  My Favorite Platforms & Tools – the complete set of barebone necessities to kick off your own amazing funnel
Here's What You'll Get
Qs like “what colors should I use?” and “who am I targeting?” can get you irrevocably STUCK. 

Not this time! 

By the end of this module you’ll have a clear sense of the who, what, where, how, when and why of your business – so you can move forward at lightnin’ speed!
  •  Choosing Your ICA – NEWS FLASH: You can’t build a high-converting funnel unless you know who your ideal customer is, what they want & why they want it. In this module, we’ll zip through these Qs real quick. That way you can churn out messages & branding that hit the spot & make the sale
  •  Brand Builder Overview and Planning – how to create a consistent, irresistible brand; stand out & stand proud! This is an entire course in itself!
  •  Funnel Mapping – the ZERO-overwhelm approach to mapping out your entire funnel (from start to $$$ in the bank) so you won’t be stopped by the dreaded “what’s next?!” while building & launching your funnel
Here's What You'll Get
In many cases your Lead Magnet (also known as Freebie) is what kick-starts your funnel. 

And that’s why it needs to be drool-worthy (newest Louis Vuitton/Ferrari-like). 

Give your leads the “I can’t believe I got this for free!” feeling so they’ll keep coming back for more (and for paid!). 
  •  Lead Magnets Prep & Planner – skip the confusion and know exactly what lead magnet to create for YOUR business, whether info graphic, checklist or webinar
  •  Lead Magnet Examples – steal-worthy examples that’ll tickle your imagination! 
  •  Creating Your Lead Magnet – how to wrap your expertise into a tidy package, and deliver it with love funnel 
  •  Testimonial Gathering (aka: Praise for Days) – I’ll share with you how to leverage your lead magnet to get an abundance of jaw-dropping testimonials – so you can boost your credibility FAST
No matter what kind of business you run, copywriting is THE essential business skill. In this module, you’ll learn how to craft compelling messages that get people to act (like, share, subscribe and BUY!) – without sounding pushy, or salesy. 

Get ready to be noticed. 

Get ready to be adored. 

Get ready to sell!
Here's What You'll Get
  •  The 10 Copy Keys – That Make any Piece of Copy Instantly More Persuasive and Effective (with indispensable checklist!) 
  •  How to Grab Attention Online – how to use disruption to shock/delight your customers into handing you their credit card number on the spot 
  •  Long Form Sales Pages Part 1 – the research phase: think research is boring & tedious? WRONG! I’ll share with you my favorite copy goldmines on the web that’ll unleash your inner Sherlock. 
  •  Long Form Sales Pages Part 2 – get your ducks in a row so you can write your page without getting S.T.U.C.K.
  •  Long Form Sales Pages Part 3 – how to plug your details into a sales page formula (so you can write your page within hours and without wanting to roast your eyeballs over the fire in sheer frustration
  •  Landing Pages – 98% of ads are a massive waste of money if your landing page doesn't grab the attention of the visitor. You'll get the crafty skills to create landing pages that tantalize, tickle and convert
  •  Thank-you pages – how to go the extra mile and turn your thank-you page into your ATM-on-the-side
Oh Yeah, it's time to get your email skills top notch In this module, I’ll guide you through setting up your automated email responders for onboarding and sales – turning your funnel into a smooth-runnin’, money-makin’ machine.

Imagine… every lead that jumps on your email list turning into a potential customer, without you getting out of bed (or posting in FB groups, or getting on the phone) – what’s that worth to you?
Here's What You'll Get
  •  Opt-In Overview – get people to snatch your free offer & give you their personal info… so YOU can start selling! 
  •  Setting Up Aweber – the 2-minute walk-through of setting up your email marketing tool. Done, done & done! 
  •  Crafting Your Welcome Email – how to seal the deal + have your new list members fall in love. SAMPLES INCLUDED! 
  •  Selling with Email – the do’s, the don’ts and the massive mistake (you could be making) you must avoid at all times! 
  •  Creating Your Conversion Sequence – get the magic mojo to creating a conversion sequence that grows your list like it’s HOT SHIT! 
  •  How to Deliver “viral-worthy” content in Email – want your emails shared? Want people to spread the word for you? Here’s the secret sauce to delivering content that has “share” built into it from the start. 
I spent years and years (and over $100,000 in course material) to learn how to construct highly profitable marketing funnels. 

And I’m going to share EVEYTHING I’ve discovered with YOU!

If you hate reading instructions, you’ll love this module. I’m not going to tell you how to set up your funnel, I’m going to actually show you. With over-the-shoulder tutorials (meaning: you get to peek over my shoulder as I go through the complete tech set-up) you’ll see how it’s done – from beginning to end. 

This is where it gets exciting! You’ll plug in all the work you’ve done in the last modules and making money ‘round the clock will suddenly be within reach!
Here's What You'll Get
  •  The Funnel Build Checklist – the step-by-step checklist that allows you the eagle-view of your funnel – so you’ll feel 100% in control and enjoy the freakin’ spine-tingling experience of checking off, moving forward and getting RESULTS! 
  •  Setting Up Click Funnels – hours of tutorials? Endless learning curve? STOP! In this super-easy 9-minute video I’ll show you everything you need to know. Yep! You’ve chosen the easy road. That’s what you’ll get. 
  •  Organizing Your Funnel in ClickFunnels – organize your funnel – keep your sanity! 
  •  Getting a Custom Domain – your own web address - so you’ll look super pro and establish yourself as an authority
  •  Creating a Drop-dead-Gorgeous Opt-In Page – this over-the-shoulder tutorial will show you how to craft a high-converting, professional looking opt-in page – ready to build a page that grows an email list with people that need what you have to offer + are READY to buy?
  •  Order Forms: the secret to creating order forms that close the deal and capture the sale. 
Drumroll… it’s time for the big reveal! Now that you’ve successfully built your fist marketing funnel it’s time to (you guessed it!) market it! 

In this module, I’ll show you how to put your funnel to good use, and make what you’re selling the talk of the town – through social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.
Here's What You'll Get
  •  Promoting Your Funnel – here’s how to get eyeballs that turn into potential customers that watch your every marketing move!
  •  The Social Media Formula – Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Oh my! If you’re the kind of business owner who gets confused by all the different platforms out there (or has stale accounts all over the interwebs) – this is for you. Stop chasing “the next shiny object” presented by the latest media guru. Instead make an informed decision that gets you RESULTS fast – without spinning from one platform to the next to the next
  •  Twitter Training Featuring Twitter Expert Jennifer Lehner – learn how to use Twitter to gain social influence FAST and grow your email list
  •  Get Results with Webinars – how to use webinars to grow your list and sell your products
  •  Booming Your Brand with Instagram – How to Go from Zero to Hero on Social Media and Fund your Freedom with Instagram expert Melissa Camilleri
  •  Pinterest – how to pin your way to a profitable business and turn followers and fans into paying customers
The Booming Business Funnel is the perfect course for you if you are: 
Create a hands-off, customer generating machine so you can sell your products and services again and again – without putting in one more minute of extra work!
Stop scrambling for new customers to the point of more home-parties, coffee meetings, or working harder for less. Finally reach your goals, grow your team, and reach your ranks week after week. 
Get clients and referrals so fast, you'll need to have a waitlist. You don't have to troll around Facebook to cyber stalk potential customers, you'll know exactly how to get in front of them, grab their attention and make them want you. 
You’re the type of business owner who’s determined to reach the goals you’ve set. You’re willing to venture beyond your comfort zone to get what you want and are looking for the fastest route from a to b. 

So, enroll now and go get ’em tiger!
PAY ATTENTION! … if you’re doubtful this is going to work and if you’re still on the fence… if you’re looking for an instant solution that’s going to explode your bank account – without you putting in the work… then do us all a favor: close this tab and move on. 
This Bonus Goes Away
This Bonus Goes Away
This Bonus Goes Away
This Bonus Goes Away
This Bonus Goes Away
This Bonus Goes Away
If you’re ready to finally make $$$-on-demand and experience sweet freedom… 

Then Booming Business funnel is for YOU! 

We strongly suggest you grab this exclusive offer NOW, before the cart closes and you’re left behind. 

Choose your membership below… 

And get ready to launch your first marketing funnel + start generating HOT CASH in as little as WEEKS from now!

Get spine-tingling results,

ELIMINATE the risks of not taking action…

Experience sensational business growth this very year

Then snatch this VIP offer with its superior level of TLC + ass-kickery before it sells out! 

There are only 200 spots (and counting down as we’re speaking). We’ve limited spots because as a member you get something truly remarkable: 

You get to hang with us in our private SLACK group + you’ll be surrounded by fellow “achievers” on the road to WIN BIG – isn’t that priceless?

Join this exclusive club of go-getters and get...
  •  An invite to our private SLACK group - for ongoing, "get it done right" support
  •  Access to our team - get expert help whenever you need it. 
  •   PRIORITY: our support staff with prioritize your requests for assistance.
  •  3 Live + interactive implementation group calls - every call will have a specific theme, based on the needs of the group. 

Booming Business Funnel was just what I needed...

Shannon's Booming Business Funnel course was just what I needed as a new online marketer to get my business off to a great start. Before her course I knew next to nothing about internet marketing and now I have a website set up, an auto responder and have my funnel in the works. Her training is broken down into bite size pieces that are easy to consume and then implement, plus you can go back for reference when needed. She has a great teaching style and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone that is looking to BOOM their business!
-Brandy Barajas, Health & Fitness Coach

I'm always watching what she's doing...

Shannon Lavenia is one of the most talented marketers and teachers I know. I've know this woman for over a decade and she's made a positive impact on tens of thousands of entrepreneur's lives, including mine.

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I would listen to Shannon's trainings over and over. Her advice helped me jumpstart my business and grow my online presence. I'm always watching what she's doing because it works!
-Karla Silver,  Online Marketer and Business Coach
Got Questions? 
I'm brand new to online marketing, is this right for me? 
Absolutely! This course shows you how to build up your funnel from square one. PLUS… you’ll learn the fundamentals of marketing in a free bonus called Marketing Basics to Pro. As soon as you sign up, dive in and discover the foundational understanding of branding, marketing and sales.
Will you show us how to build a funnel? 
Yes! I'm showing you how to build the 3 types of funnels you need to create a $$$-on-demand business: Lead Generation Funnels, Webinar Funnels, and Marketing funnels. I'll also be walking you through two different systems you can use to create them. 
Can you help me get it done? 
YES!!! If you want a high level of support and personal direction, I strongly suggest the VIP membership (grab it now, before it sells out!). For less than the cost of having someone else build your website, I'll be there with you in the SLACK Group and on the Implementation Calls to assist you in creating your online funnels. 
I want to get results NOW! Will this course take too long? 
Great question. The online classroom let's you "go at your own pace”. If you commit two weeks to the course, you could have your funnels up and operational very quickly. We recommend 4 weeks if you're going through the course part-time. I'm lost when it comes to auto-responders and follow-up! Can this course help me? Absolutely! We have entire lessons dedicated solely to this! PLUS...if you become a VIP, you'll participate in an E-mail HOT SEAT Implementation Class. During this class, you can submit your e-mails and we'll tweak them, live on the line!
Can I upgrade to VIP down-the-line?
No. The exclusive VIP program (with 7 mind-blowing bonuses + superior levels of support and access) is only available during this launch and… as long as it doesn’t SELL OUT! If you want nothing less than spine-tingling results, if you’re in this to create massive business growth this very year… then hurry up, scroll down and reserve your VIP spot before this extraordinary chance slips away!
There's so many options when it comes to tools. Will you show us the best to use? 
YES! Unfortunately, there's a lot of junky business tools being sold. In this course, I’ll guide you to the best tools to use for the greatest impact. You'll see the exact tools I use in my business PLUS I'll show you how I'm using them, step-by-step!
I'm a tech dummy. Will this course be too difficult for me? 
I get it! I was terrible with techy stuff too when I first started online. This is the PERFECT course for you. I break down how to create funnels into tiny "bite-size" chunks you can easily do and master quickly – promise! 
I'm in an MLM. Can this course help me? 
Yes! Personally, I've earned millions in network marketing using online funnels. I'll show you exactly how to create your funnels so you stand out from other marketers. On top of that, I’ll show you how to create your unique brand and message to attract great prospects and customers to your organization. Let’s beat the “fluke” and create consistent business success! 
I really need to know how to use social media for my business. Will this course help? 
Yes! We've included several modules on social media including resources on Facebook Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. PLUS, I'll be adding BONUS lessons from my friends who are social media experts to help you master your social media campaigns. 
Will I need to purchase ClickFunnels? 
Yes and No. Clickfunnels has a Free 30-Day Trial, so you can use it and if you don’t love it, lose it. The course is taught in ClickFunnels but the principals and training can be applied to any system you use to create Funnels. 
This is it; you won’t find another course this value stacked, for this low of an investment… anywhere… GUARANTEED! Courses that have ONE THIRD of the content, usually sell for $2,000 or more. And… next time around, this course will too.

NOW is your one chance to get it at our launch price, of either $497.00 or the VIP level at $997.00, and… with LIFE LONG ACCESS (which means you’ll receive all the updates as the course evolves and grows).

If you want to create $$$-on-demand and taste sweet freedom, every single day of your life… then we’ll see you on the inside! 

We simply can’t wait to see you launch your way into your ABUNDANT future and feature you as a gold-dusted success story, next time around.
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