**No More Home Parties, One-On-Ones or Friends and Family Needed for YOUR SUCCESS**
FINALLY! A Step-By-Step Proven System to Create Your Online Lead Generation Machine So You'll Always Have a Flood Of Qualified Leads and Paying Customers 
If You've Been Struggling With...

If you’ve struggled to make money online, tried every tool, platform and course out there but you still don’t see results.


If you feel frustrated with tech, and massively overwhelmed with the available options.


If you’ve felt yucky and embarrassed asking for a sale, when you know in your gut they’re not ready;

You're about to discover how online funnels will change your business and your life. Here's how...
You Were Right All Along...
You've been suspecting - like most smart business owners - that there's an easier way to get rich. Now, you have the proof...
...are officially deemed "morgue-worthy" (can I get a both hands raised halle-freakin'-lujah?!?)
Jacoba did $800 in the first week alone...
“A while ago I got so fed up with cold messaging friends I hadn’t talked to in 15-20 years – trying to squeeze out a sign up or sale.

I did it because I was told to – but it felt spam-y and I mainly got ignored. It was miserable.

That’s when we started looking at online marketing and discovered Shannon Lavenia…

With Shannon’s help we closed $800 in the first week alone - We’ve set our goal to an ambitious $100,000 a month – if Shannon can do it, so can we!

The difference between “old school” and funnels?
Instead of having to bug prospects with winding messages trying to convince them, we now just send them to a webpage where they can find out more about the product, and even sign up – without me feeling awkward or pushy.

Basically, I don’t have to pitch anymore!

When you’re following a leader with Shannon’s track record, just trust what she says, do exactly what she tells you to do – and see the cash flow in!”

I’m different from any self-proclaimed “gurus” out there, because I only teach what has gotten ME huge results:

like generating over $20 MIL in revenue and becoming the top earner in my business – without one needy “wanna buy?”.

And let me tell ya, I know needy…

I went from draggin’ my butt through the sizzling hot Arizona deserts flyering cars, zero selling skills, and being such a disaster with the computer my husband put parenting controls on it….

To figuring out the keyboard, then email, then ClickFunnels, webinars and social media for business (AKA craaazy fast team building).

It Took Me...
--> Over $100,000 in courses, workshops & seminars.

--> Mentorship from the most respected and profitable marketers in the industry.

--> Years of avoidable, costly mistakes...(and a few holes in the walls!)

--> The tech course I took in high school was typing...on an actual typewriter (#pre-dinosaur)
to get to the blissful point where my PayPal account pings so often with incoming payments, I CAN DANCE TO THE BEAT!
Here's Why That's Good News For You...
I’ve wrapped my funnel magic into a proven, A to Z roadmap you can follow all the way to cash in the bank.
Even if you’ve tried building a funnel before
(and failed miserably)

Even if you’re ridiculously strapped for time…

I’ll show you how to confidently build and launch your first profitable sales funnel – within weeks

Unlike other marketers, I’m not assuming you know how to work the tech, write copy that converts or put up Facebook ads. And that’s exactly why I won’t tell you what to do… I’ll SHOW you!

Before crushing it online, I was a high school teacher – teaching rowdy teenagers how to dissect a frog (and not get herpes).

You got it!

I’m a trained educator – and that means…

Transformed my business...

"Shannon spices up her knowledge with real life examples and fun stories. What I’ve learned from her transformed my business."
-Mariann Tilton

Better Results In My Business...

“Her training was practical and on point and helped me get exponentially better results in my business.”
Andy Grant, Blue Navigators
May I introduce you to my secret weapon...
Conversion copywriter + virtual seductress
Persuasive copy is the difference between your funnel being a empty, cricket-plagued ghost town (O.K corral-ish) and swimming in the dough.

That’s why I’ve given my personal copywriter an offer she couldn’t refuse to have her guest teach an ENTIRE module on copywriting, so you’ll never experience a single “Oh crappidy! What am I gonna say”- moment.

Merel has helped A-listers create multiple 6-figure launches and is notorious for giving heavy-hitters in the copy-world “copy envy”…

I’ll admit it – I get a little bit of copy envy when I see the word magic Merel can crank out on the spot – She knows how to cut right to what your prospective buyers truly want —and express it in a way that makes their heads snap, swivel, and explode with joy. (Figuratively.)

Cut right to what your prospective buyers truly want...

I’ll admit it – I get a little bit of copy envy when I see the word magic Merel can crank out on the spot – She knows how to cut right to what your prospective buyers truly want —and express it in a way that makes their heads snap, swivel, and explode with joy. (Figuratively.)
- Laura Belgray, Copywriter to Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield

35% better results...

“Once Merel wrote me a new sales page, my life completely changed, conversion rates spiked and we had 35% more students enroll compared to last round.”
- JAMIE DANA – Social Media Strategist

Doubled my email list...

“During my launch, I doubled my email list from 6k to 12k and had more sales in a two-week period than I generated in the entire prior year! Seriously, the investment I made in hiring her was some of the best money I’ve ever spent!”
- Sarah Kamrath - Award-winning documentary maker
Booming Business Funnel is structured in 7 digestible
modules uploaded in a virtual classroom…
Get my unbiased advice on everything funnel – from platform and tools, to software and strategies – from my personal cash-generating toolkit.
Here's What You'll Get
  • All About Marketing Funnels – learn to speak “fluent funnel” and finally get clear on what pieces your funnel needs to sell. 
  • Understanding Funnels Part 1: The Structure
  • Understanding Funnels Part 2: Traffic
  • My Favorite Platforms & Tools – move from clueless to “funnel insider” as I reveal my personal favorites that launched me well into 7-figures. 
Inside you'll discover...
Everything you need to stop running after potential buyers and instead… have them come to YOU!
  • The key secret that’s difference between chilling radio silence, and an inbox full of hot interested leads
  • The quick and dirty to creating an irresistible brand – without paying for expensive graphic designers
  • How to map out your funnel (from start to cash in the bank) within 30 minutes and with ZERO overwhelm 
Inside you'll discover...
I’m sharing my personal recipe for creating drool-worthy lead magnets that’ll keep em coming back for more (and paid).
  • How to skip the confusion and know exactly what lead magnet to create for YOUR business
  • A rare behind the scenes – sharing with you examples of the top performing lead magnets I used to grow my list to 25,000.
  • The Ultimate A to Z guide on how to wrap your expertise into a tidy package, and deliver it with love
  • How to leverage your lead magnet to get an abundance of jaw-dropping testimonials – so you can boost your credibility FAST
E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. hinges on copy, but coming up with compelling messages is hard. Until now. My personal copywriter Merel Kriegsman shows you the words + strategies that get you likes, sign-ups and sales you’ve been praying for – without sounding pushy, or salesy.
Inside you'll discover...
  •  How to Grab Attention Online – how to use disruption to shock/delight your customers into handing you their credit card number on the spot 
  • How to grab attention online – the 5 elements that basically force people to buy from you.
  • The secret to writing a high converting sales page within hours and without wanting to roast your eyeballs over the fire in sheer frustration (proven formula included!)
  • 98% of ads are a massive waste of money – find out how your landing page can ensure you’re not flushing money down the drain.
  • How to go the extra mile and turn your thank-you page into your ATM-on-the-side

Imagine… leads jumping on your email list, turning into potential customers – without you getting out of bed, posting in FB groups, or getting on the phone.
Inside you'll discover...
  • The one thing that gets people to hand you their P.I. – so YOU can start selling!
  • The 2-minute walk-through of setting up your email marketing tool. Done, done & done!
  • How to write welcome emails that seal the deal (samples included!)
  • How to write welcome emails that seal the deal (samples included!)
  • The magic mojo that grows your prospect list like it’s HOT SHIT!
  • How to Deliver viral-worthy content in Email – the secret sauce to delivering content that has “share” built into it from the start.
Unlike other trainers who leave you high & dry when it comes to tech stuff, I’m going to SHOW you how to set up your funnel. See how it’s done – from start to finish – 100% OVERWHELM FREE.
Inside you'll discover...
  • The step-by-step checklist that allows you the eagle-view of your funnel – so you’ll feel 100% in control and can check off your way to CASH in the bank
  • Everything you need to know to set up Click Funnels – this super-easy 9 minute video beats hours of YouTube tutorials
  • My personal “been there, done that” remedy to funnel overwhelm
  • How to get a custom domain – so you can look super pro and establish yourself as an authority
  • The “watch n’ learn” tutorial on high-converting, pro-looking opt-in pages (PLUS what rookie mistake could seriously stump your list growth)
  • The secret to order forms that push the needle in the direction of “YES PLEASE”
*I’ll promise it’ll be so easy, your grandma could do it!
Avoid the heartbreaking sound of crickets as your funnel goes stale without generating one single sale. I’ll show you how to get your funnel the buzz (and the buck) it deserves – through social media.
Inside you'll discover...
  • Quick hacks to get eyeballs on your stuff and amass a following of potential customers that pursue you all the way to the buy-button
  • 7 deadly social media sins that have kept you spinning from one platform to the next. PLUS: how to pick the right platform for YOU
  • TWITTER SECRETS to gain social influence FAST and grow your email list, with Twitter expert Jennifer Lehner
  • “Get Results with Webinars” – the 30-minute tutorial on whipping up webinars that sell
  • “How to Go from Zero to Hero on Social Media and Fund your Freedom”, with Instagram expert Melissa Camilleri
  • PINTEREST: how to pin your way to a profitable business and turn followers and fans into paying customers
Create a hands-off, customer generating machine so you can sell your products and services again and again – without putting in one more minute of extra work!
Stop scrambling for new customers to the point of exhaustion...no more home-parties, coffee meetings, or working harder for less. Finally reach your goals, grow your team, and reach your ranks week after week. 
Get clients and referrals so fast, you'll need to have a waitlist. You don't have to troll around Facebook to cyber stalk potential customers, you'll know exactly how to get in front of them, grab their attention and make them want you. 
51% of people buy online. If you want a substantial piece of the action, you need a funnel. If YOU don’t build one, your competition will – systematically snatching away potential customers.

OH...and if you think the replicated website you get when you join a Direct Selling company is going to cut it, you're DEAD WRONG. Those sites look pretty but convert like crap. You need to set yourself apart, create something that works, and get your lead flow cranking.

Whether you sell bespoke skin care, nutritionals, a biz opp, or an online course, you can customize your funnel so that you’ll get in front of more, highly qualified leads.

We’ve all been there… minutes after you opt-in, you’re being “funneled”: salesy emails start pouring in, causing “inboxtipation” and general annoyance.

This course is somethin’ else. I’ll show you how to set up a funnel that ignites people’s desire to swipe their credit card, without feeling sold to.

(BTW: Funnels are a lot less salesy than pitching someone in a coffee shop...just sayin'"

Unlike other marketers that leave you guessing, I’m a trained educator. I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through the tech set-up, with over-the-shoulder tutorials. And… in case you do get stuck, we offer hands-on support.
If you go the free route you’re missing out on…
  • My insights gathered from decades of experience in sales (and making over 7-figures)
  • The best of over $100,000 in course material
  • Insider hacks I picked up from from America’s most profitable & admired marketers
  •  An implementation-focused system developed by a trained educator
A top-notch sales page alone can cost you in excess of $30,000 in copywriting and design.

So… investing in the skill of writing, building, updating, changing, and testing your funnels pays off, again and again.

Ready to save yourself BIG BUCKS by DIY-ing funnels like a pro?

Shannon's Training Made a Real Difference...

When I was making the journey from 'struggle' to 'results' in business, Shannon's training was a life-saver. It was the real nuts-and-bolts of what it takes to win in business.....and it was wrapped in an amazing personality and a real desire to see people succeed. Highly recommended!
-Tony Rush, Business Labs Pro

I'm Grateful To Be Part of Her Tribe..

I'm Grateful to Be A Part of Her Online #Tribe
Shannon Lavenia isn't just a great "marketer", but a super savvy money maker who knows how to set people up for success! She's a smart and caring business leader who takes care of her tribe #BizBoomersAcademy. I'm grateful to be part of it!
-Jen Lehner, Digital Marketing Strategist
***with Booming Business Funnel Membership Only!
It all comes down to one question: how much do you value your sanity and time?

I believe you owe it to yourself to eradicate the desperate hustle, and have the peace of mind that money is flowing in, no matter what, but…

The choice is before you:

You can click away, and find yourself in the same spot a year from now – struggling with automation, “spamming” your friends and family with neediness-drenched “buy my stuff?” messages.


You rise to the challenge TODAY and have your first profitable funnel up and running in weeks from now.

What will it be?

Got Questions? 
If you need a helping hand with your order, or have questions about this course, ask us!

Booming Business Funnel was just what I needed...

Shannon's Booming Business Funnel course was just what I needed as a new online marketer to get my business off to a great start. Before her course I knew next to nothing about internet marketing and now I have a website set up, an auto responder and have my funnel in the works. Her training is broken down into bite size pieces that are easy to consume and then implement, plus you can go back for reference when needed. She has a great teaching style and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone that is looking to BOOM their business!
-Brandy Barajas, Health & Fitness Coach

I'm always watching what she's doing...

Shannon Lavenia is one of the most talented marketers and teachers I know. I've know this woman for over a decade and she's made a positive impact on tens of thousands of entrepreneur's lives, including mine.

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I would listen to Shannon's trainings over and over. Her advice helped me jumpstart my business and grow my online presence. I'm always watching what she's doing because it works!
-Karla Silver,  Online Marketer and Business Coach
I'm brand new to online marketing, is this right for me? 
Absolutely! This course shows you how to build up your funnel from square one. PLUS… you’ll learn the fundamentals of marketing in a free bonus called Marketing Basics to Pro. As soon as you sign up, dive in and discover the foundational understanding of branding, marketing and sales.
Will you show us how to build a funnel? 
Yes! I'm showing you how to build the 3 types of funnels you need to create a $$$-on-demand business: Lead Generation Funnels, Webinar Funnels, and Marketing funnels. I'll also be walking you through two different systems you can use to create them. 
Can you help me get it done? 
YES!!! If you want a high level of support and personal direction, I strongly suggest the VIP membership (grab it now, before it sells out!). For less than the cost of having someone else build your website, I'll be there with you in the SLACK Group and on the Implementation Calls to assist you in creating your online funnels. 
I want to get results NOW! Will this course take too long? 
Great question. The online classroom let's you "go at your own pace”. If you commit two weeks to the course, you could have your funnels up and operational very quickly. We recommend 4 weeks if you're going through the course part-time. I'm lost when it comes to auto-responders and follow-up! Can this course help me? Absolutely! We have entire lessons dedicated solely to this! PLUS...if you become a VIP, you'll participate in an E-mail HOT SEAT Implementation Class. During this class, you can submit your e-mails and we'll tweak them, live on the line!
Can I upgrade to VIP down-the-line?
No. The exclusive VIP program (with 7 mind-blowing bonuses + superior levels of support and access) is only available during this launch and… as long as it doesn’t SELL OUT! If you want nothing less than spine-tingling results, if you’re in this to create massive business growth this very year… then hurry up, scroll down and reserve your VIP spot before this extraordinary chance slips away!
There's so many options when it comes to tools. Will you show us the best to use? 
YES! Unfortunately, there's a lot of junky business tools being sold. In this course, I’ll guide you to the best tools to use for the greatest impact. You'll see the exact tools I use in my business PLUS I'll show you how I'm using them, step-by-step!
I'm a tech dummy. Will this course be too difficult for me? 
I get it! I was terrible with techy stuff too when I first started online. This is the PERFECT course for you. I break down how to create funnels into tiny "bite-size" chunks you can easily do and master quickly – promise! 
I'm in an MLM. Can this course help me? 
Yes! Personally, I've earned millions in network marketing using online funnels. I'll show you exactly how to create your funnels so you stand out from other marketers. On top of that, I’ll show you how to create your unique brand and message to attract great prospects and customers to your organization. Let’s beat the “fluke” and create consistent business success! 
I really need to know how to use social media for my business. Will this course help? 
Yes! We've included several modules on social media including resources on Facebook Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. PLUS, I'll be adding BONUS lessons from my friends who are social media experts to help you master your social media campaigns. 
Will I need to purchase ClickFunnels? 
Yes and No. Clickfunnels has a Free 30-Day Trial, so you can use it and if you don’t love it, lose it. The course is taught in ClickFunnels but the principals and training can be applied to any system you use to create Funnels. 
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